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Scout Capital Group collaborates with Scout Realty Group to create a unique investment platform, leveraging brokerage services with experienced real estate operations. Every deal is unique with its own story and set of circumstances, and investors will evaluate each deal on its own merits before investing.

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invest / reinvest

We invest in what we know. We have long-term relationships with owners, tenants, and brokers built on trust, attention to detail, and performance. We understand our markets. Our job is to have the best information, which only comes from diligent research and treating people the right way.

  • Broad network
  • Unique market position
  • Identify great opporunities



We can develop, add value, or buy stabilized assets and we use our unique perspective and market knowledge to tailor deal-specific strategies to maximize investor returns. We have the operational experience and commitment to service that generates the value our investors expect. 

  • Tailor site-specific strategies
  • Add value through leasing, development, and renovations
  • Leverage relationships and experience to operate at a high level



Success in commercial real estate in the long-term comes down to first class operations and delivering value to the investors year after year. Operations requires strategic planning as well as the ability to react to changing market dynamics. Our goal is to generate exceptional cash distributions, reduce debt, and enhance investor equity over a long time horizon.

  • Stabilize operating cash flow
  • Deliver exceptional distributions to investors
  • Reduce debt and increase equity



We begin with the end in mind, which is achieving a large capital event to return large chunks of capital back to investors. The market will cycle over the life of our deals and we expect to capitalize in the form of a sale or refinancing at the optimal time for our investors. That capital can then be redeployed into new deals.

  • Complete the deal cycle
  • Optimize timing of capital events
  • Redeploy capital to continue to generate wealth

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If you are looking to make commercial real estate a part of your investment portfolio or grow your current portfolio, we would love to hear from you.

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